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Modern kitchen

Home renovations all around the house

Do you have a kitchen to be refurbished? Do you have a bathroom that needs a new shower? Or maybe you want an brand new en-suite altogether? Davies & Williams provides over 25 years of experience to help you renovate your home to make it just how you want it.


For more information on our home renovation services, call us today for our expert advice.

The home renovation services for you

•  Kitchen refurbishment

•  Taps, sinks and units

•  Bathroom refurbishment

•  Sinks, baths, and showers

•  Bedroom refurbishments

•  and many more!

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Whatever your plans for refurbishment in your home, rest assured that they can be completed. If you want the quickest timescale and the highest quality of work, get in touch today to find out how Davies & Williams can help you.